Dawn Lanier
Coldwell Banker Realty


“My husband and I recently purchased a home with our daughter using Dawn Lanier as our agent. I just wanted to tell you how extraordinarily remarkable she is. Having bought and sold real estate on both coasts and in between, I have never had an experience like working with Dawn. She is simply amazing.


I flew out from California for a couple of days to help my daughter find the right property. At each location, Dawn noticed everything and zeroed in immediately on all of the right questions to ask. For example, she gently pushed to get an answer on the plans for undeveloped land one block from a property that my daughter liked. She could easily have allowed my daughter to fall in love with the place—it was one of the most expensive homes we looked at—but Dawn’s instinct to keep pursuing questions led the other agent to acknowledge that there were issues ahead in the neighborhood. When we settled on finding a home in Mueller that would be built, I sat back and watched with awe as Dawn traced each bus route, traffic zone, direction of the properties, and location within a block to pick just the right townhouse with best location and resale value for what my daughter could afford.


That was only the beginning, however, of Dawn’s amazing service. She was there with my daughter, every step of the way from design meetings, to building meetings, to walkthroughs, to finding outside vendors and resources. Whatever question arose, she had a solution and the wisdom of experience. As a mother, it was difficult to be so far away from my daughter for her first major purchase, but I felt as if my daughter had a guardian angel with her.


I am so deeply grateful for our experience with Dawn. When we sell the property, there is no one else I would use other than Dawn, and I know that my daughter has already referred another client to her.”


~From a grateful client, Robin Feldman




“I have been working with Dawn since February as I purchased a pre-construction, David Weekley home. I wanted to write to let you know what a spectacular (not to mention fun!) experience it has been to work with her. Dawn truly went above and beyond every step of the way. This was my first home buying experience and Dawn knew to ask all the questions I'd have never even considered. After I selected the home, Dawn attended every single design selection meeting, builder meeting, and inspection - guiding me through each. Her expertise, experience, and patience were evident every step of the way. She helped me think through the each decision in terms of what my short term and long terms goals with the property are, what pieces will make my life easier day to day, and what pieces have strong resale value. I couldn't be happier with my new home and there is no question in my mind that I wouldn't have ended up with something so perfect for me if it weren't for Dawn. I feel tremendously grateful to have had Dawn's help in this process and look forward to recommending her to anyone and everyone I know!”


~Talya Feldman



“Working with Dawn has been a phenomenal experience! She has been by our side through a roller coaster of events! While she initially helped us buy our little oasis in Cedar Park in 2018, she didn’t stop there. Dawn took the time to build a relationship with us and became someone we knew we could rely on in many ways. Throughout homeownership, she provided excellent referrals and sound advice based on years of experience.


Life changes moved us out of Texas sooner than we expected, but Dawn came to our rescue! She helped us navigate the selling process from afar. All communication was quick and clear and she was always available when we needed her. Marketing materials and photos were gorgeous (and effective)! We received numerous compliments and even had a few people express interest in working with her in the future. The open house Dawn held was a success as well! She was able to chat with us in real time and answer potential buyer questions on the spot. Offers were presented in a low stress, yet highly informational manner and we are extremely happy with the outcome.


Dawn is an incredible asset - We wish we could work with her here in California!”



~Jeff and Ashley White





“We have been looking for a house for 2 years and have spoken with dozens of agents, all of who had a pitch for why they should be our Buyers representative. When we called on one of Dawn’s listings, we immediately discovered that she is very knowledgeable about the neighborhood and was more focused on serving us than trying to get us to sign a Buyers Representation Agreement. This quickly led to us choosing Dawn to exclusively represent us in our search and we are so glad we did.


Although we were always hesitant to use Dawn’s time, she was always willing and eager to take our call, text with us, jump in the car to go show a house, pull comps, discuss strategies, etc. Throughout the whole process, she was focused on serving our needs and available to us 7 days a week from early morning to past dinner time. No matter the conversation or topic, she always went over the top to find someone for us, put our needs in front of hers, and made sure that we were taken care of, no matter what. This led us to feel like she was the quarterback, that we could completely trust all of her advice and knew she would manage the process, even when we weren’t sure what was next.


On top of her service, her level of professionalism has got to be top 1% in the industry. She is clearly up to date on the legal and ethics issues that face the residential real estate business, and wouldn’t let me make a mistake - which, as a licensed broker who isn’t practicing real estate, I appreciated very much. She represents your company very well, and she represented us far beyond our expectations.


We have recommended her to others, will continue to recommend her, and look forward to using her again, both on the buy side and sell side of our future transactions.”


~Gigi and David Armstrong





“From the moment John, my husband, met Dawn Lanier he realized she was professional, driven and motivated. When he met her at one of his jobs, she was going above and beyond for that particular client. This impressed John very much and he called me and said ‘I found the Realtor we need to sell our house!’


Dawn came to meet with us and I was instantly impressed by her as well. She came prepared with data to adequately inform us on the possible listing price and potential time it would take to sell our property. She took the time to walk through our home, commenting positively on the unique aspects of our home and offering advice to improve before listing.


When it was time to list she came and helped me make our home ‘showing ready’ even bringing additional decor that perfectly complemented the style we already had in our home. She was very clear and informative about what to expect and how to prepare for the house showings and open houses. It was my first time selling a home and she was always in communication with me answering my questions and patiently offering assistance along the way.


Another thing that made Dawn stand out above the rest is that she took the time to be present for each showing. I absolutely loved this! I’m a very private person and the fact that someone representing us was present to assure our home was respected meant the world to me! She also was able to answer specific questions about the property which I believe the potential buyers appreciated as well. I truly believe that it is because of Dawn that our house sold so quickly and for more than our asking price! My husband and I recommend her to everyone we speak with regarding real estate. She is truly amazing and I look forward to doing business with her again in the future!”


~Cristy Craft-Curl


“I seriously thought about selling my house without a Realtor, but decided to go ahead and meet with a few Realtors. After meeting with several other Realtors, I asked my friend and neighbor, Dawn Lanier, if she could just answer a few questions for me. She graciously offered to help in any way needed.


It was clear from our visit that Dawn knows the market, is excellent at what she does, and is fully committed to her clients. I appreciated that Dawn truly wanted to help me — and was not pushy.


Hiring the right Realtor was the most important decision I made in selling my home of 23 years. Dawn Lanier was well organized, kept me informed, answered my questions thoroughly, marketed my house beautifully, and always kept my best interests in mind. Throughout the process, I realized there were requirements that I was unaware of and was glad to have Dawn to walk me through every step of the way.


I was also impressed with the support team that Dawn has at the office and the quality referrals she had at her fingertips (i.e. roof, air conditioning, insulation, etc).


My goal was to sell my house at the best price — with Dawn’s help, I did just that! Plus, she made it as easy and as possible for me from start to closing.


I am thankful that I chose my realtor well and would highly recommend Dawn Lanier.”


~Cyndi Gornick


“Our family recently purchased a weekend lake house retreat in Spicewood, Texas, with the assistance of Dawn Lanier. While we have known Dawn for several years and engaged her previously for the sale of a property in Northwest Hills, this is the first opportunity to work with her as a Buyer’s Representative.


Throughout the purchasing process, Dawn was not only the consummate professional, but also an incredible problem solver. Fortunately, any issues that arose during our purchase were small, yet Dawn was always quick to seek input from one of the many contacts she has across a wide array of skillsets. This provided clarity and input regarding the situation so that we were better prepared to make an informed decision. She provided sound guidance whenever we asked for it. She was always helpful with a visionary suggestion whether it was about the style or design of the house or about the cost or implication a solution might involve. Her insight was not only spot on, it was always very much appreciated!


Dawn listens very intentionally. She picks up on all the details and offers purposeful insight no matter the situation. When we were faced with uncertainty regarding the septic system at the house we were considering, she quickly had a septic system inspector on the line with us to talk through our concerns and determine an appropriate course of action. The same held true with respect to window replacement considerations, the hot tub, the lake pump, and so on! Not only did she provide great input and direction, she brought the right resources to the discussion to help us make the best decision.


Dawn was an incredible advocate for us throughout the entire process. We could not have asked her to do anything more and yet we understand that this is simply who she is and how she conducts business, regardless of who the client might be.”


~Merry Ann Jim Southwell



“Dawn Lanier was my Realtor in the recent sale of my home in Tarrytown and she did a wonderful job in helping me prepare for and accomplish this huge feat. I have lived in my home for 46 years, so you can imagine the emotional and physical challenges this presented to me. But with Dawn's guidance and professional skills, this was accomplished in an amazingly short period of time. Dawn was efficient and prepared whenever we met, having papers and forms ready, and helpful with advice and referrals to help me get the house ready. She responded to my calls and texts very promptly and was always available to answer my questions. She had a firm, no-nonsense approach, but was kind and sensitive to the emotional trauma this created for both me and my daughter. Additionally, she was a personal advocate on my behalf in dealing with the buyer. I would recommend Dawn as a Realtor to anyone selling their home.”


~Mary Lynn Woodall



“We absolutely loved working with Dawn! She was extremely helpful throughout the whole process. Her knowledge, professionalism, and experience was exceptional. From the sale of our home last year, to the purchase of our home this year, we were very happy knowing we had an amazing Realtor representing us!”

~Kassie and Adam Erickson




“I wanted to write you to thank you for referring Dawn Lanier to represent us on the sale of my late mother-in-law’s home on Westslope Dr. To say that we were impressed with Dawn as a selling agent would be an understatement.


This was the third time we used Coldwell Banker as sellers, most recently in 2014 when we sold my father’s property in California. My brother insisted on selecting Jade Mills as our agent, who I believe may be the top selling Coldwell Banker agent in the country. While we were pleased with Jade, I can unequivocally say that Dawn is her equal if not more extraordinary. Here are some of the things that impressed us about Dawn:


1. Unmatched energy and willingness to go the extra mile

There were multiple occasions where Dawn far exceeded what we would have expected of any agent. One example was when we decided to list the Westslope property a month earlier than originally planned. Dawn returned from a two day trip to San Antonio on a Saturday and must have shown the property to a dozen potential buyers the next day. When we asked her to stop by the estate sale to check on how things were going after we left town, she sent us pictures and went back a second time to put us at ease.


2. Fabulous Communication Skills

After interviewing five realtors including Dawn, my wife and I secretly ranked all of them and only agreed on one ranking, which was that Dawn was by far #1, largely due to her clear communication and positive attitude. She is enthusiastic without being superficial, assertive when she needs to be without being pushy, and sets just the right tone with other agents, workers, and anyone she meets. And she would make a great marriage counselor too, since she knows how to navigate skillfully when husband and wife or two partners are not in agreement!


3. Has a wealth of knowledge and resources and when she doesn’t know the answer, she finds the answer promptly. On numerous occasions we asked for referrals and got excellent feedback from Dawn, from names of auction houses, potential buyers of silver, reputable estate sale companies (we used one of the two she recommended and were more than pleased), contractors, painters, handymen, and more.


4. Excellent Sense of the Austin Real Estate Market and Flexible

We initially bounced around figures on a listing price for the Westslope house, as well as how much work to do on the house. In presenting a clear analysis of the comps and considering the view, Dawn helped us to arrive at an initial number and a few areas to potentially fix. Dawn also suggested that we pre market the home to get some feedback, which we did. After hearing from builders and the first group of potential buyers, Dawn recommended listing the home for the high end of our price range and to hold off on any renovations. In the end, as you know, we had multiple offers and sold for just over asking without any work.


5. Fantastic Marketing, Negotiating and Sales Skills


Dawn presented a clear marketing plan and created a wonderful brochure with high quality pictures. She had great intuition about the wording for the MLS and brochure. Many of our friends were impressed and have already said they will refer her to their friends and consider using Dawn when they are ready to sell or buy a house. Dawn also skillfully juggled multiple offers and was able to solicit more competitive second offers from potential buyers.





6. Comfortable with technology


Dawn sent us photos, contacts that we requested, and videos when we asked her to send us a recording of a town house that we might be interested in. In fact, when an agent came to the Westslope house to video for an out of town client, the agent said she was uncomfortable and had never taken video of a home. Dawn stepped right in and took the video for her and was able to send it to the potential buyer! She also set up multiple searches for us when we decided we might be interested in buying a property in Austin.



I could go on and on about how pleased we have been working with Dawn these past few months. I suppose the best compliment that my wife and I can offer is that we are now ready to buy a home in Austin and wouldn’t choose any other realtor but Dawn Lanier to represent us on the buying side.”

~Jon Berton



“Dear Teresa,


You may have heard that despite a challenging process, we were able to close on the purchase of a property at 9308 Villa Norte in Austin last week. This was by far the most difficult experience purchasing a home that my wife and I have had in the last 25 years, and the 10th property we have bought/sold since we got married. Yet we feel compelled to write a second letter to let you know how pleased we were with Dawn Lanier and to thank you again for referring her to us.


You already know from the first letter after we sold my wife’s mother’s home in April in Austin, how impressed we were with Dawn as a Seller’s agent. As hard as it is for us to conceive, she was able to exceed even the A+ performance and service the first time around. Will try to keep it brief, but provide just a short list of some of the things we were most impressed with Dawn as a Buyer’s agent.


Dawn has incredible integrity. When we first found the Villa Norte property, it became clear that one side of the subdivision had an issue with the builder and that ongoing litigation was almost completed. Some agents would have simply encouraged their buyer to walk away or to downplay the issue and suggest buying the property anyway, but Dawn has unmatched ethics. She allowed us to take the lead on what we wanted to do and provided steadfast support whenever we needed it.

Once we decided that we were still interested in purchasing the home, Dawn bent over backwards to help us get the information and inspections we needed to help us make our final decision by end of the option period. Dawn was able to put us in contact with the attorney who was representing the subdivision in the litigation, which was very helpful in clarifying things for us. And she encouraged us to ask the attorney to send the written reports that the attorney had talked about so that we could review them and have experts render opinions as well. Again, at no time did Dawn advise us on which way we should decide.

After the inspection, it became clear that there were some minor repairs needed on the roof and some windows needed to be replaced. Dawn tirelessly helped us to get estimates and on her own time did much of the work that the seller’s agent should have been doing. As an example, the windows were still under warranty but not transferrable to us as the buyer. Dawn was able to contact the window manufacturer, after multiple attempts, and help arrange for the windows to be replaced under the seller’s warranty.

Towards the end of the 30 days, the HVAC inspection revealed that the seller did not disclose an issue that should have been in the initial seller disclosure. Dawn was able to assist us in getting the information that we needed, while the seller denied knowledge of a problem. In fact, the seller’s agent complimented Dawn on how tactfully she handled the situation and I must agree that we have never seen anything like it. Dawn at one point even offered to give up some of her commission to address our concerns, but that is the last thing we wanted her to do after she worked so hard on our behalf. All we wanted was for the seller to provide all the information honestly and if there were further repairs needed, that she pay for them. Dawn helped arrange for a second HVAC inspection which helped us to feel comfortable to make our final decision to move forward with the purchase.

Dawn has an incredible work ethic. We witnessed this on multiple occasions in which she worked during her dinner hour, early mornings, and late at night to take our calls, texts, contact the seller’s agent or others on the list, or to simply hear our concerns. And as stated in the first letter, Dawn has tremendous communication skills and abilities to defuse difficult, stressful, and unexpected hiccups that might not be typical in most real estate transactions.

Those are just a few things from a list of many that I could provide about how strong of a real estate agent and advocate that Dawn Lanier is for her clients. We are so grateful to have found Dawn through your referral and would like to thank you again.


~Ronda and Jon Berton



”Sometimes, I’m shocked there are a few good professionals left in this world and I can attest that Dawn Lanier is a true professional.


I will fully admit, that I’m a picky person. I don’t apologize for it and I wear it with pride.


Customer service, like dial up internet, is a thing of the past. As a business owner myself, it’s rare to meet people in business who are truly experts. Anyone can call themselves a (fill in the blank here) and you don’t realize how little people know until you’re knee deep in the process.


Dawn always had thoughtful and accurate information as we went through the process of building a home. On top of it, Dawn never made us feel stupid for asking a million questions and, trust me, boy did we have a million questions. I counted!


Furthermore, she was always great at going to bat for us at a moments notice and being the bad guy when we needed to have the tough conversations with the builder. I called her the “pit bull in pearls.” Tough when you needed her to be, but elegant in her dealings with others. The combination was powerful.


The home buying process before Dawn was pretty gut wrenching. Other realtors we had worked with wanted us to shut up and pay for things that didn’t seem right, but Dawn went to bat for us and made things happen.


Dawn always respected our time and our money as it got so expensive flying down to Austin from Chicago. She cared more about us getting what we wanted in our forever home than trying to beef up her commission check. This makes her a rare breed.


Not only is Dawn an expert and an amazing problem solver, she allowed us to talk it out together to get the best solution when faced with challenges.


As someone who specialized in weddings, the name of the game is referrals. I’m sure the same is true with real estate. Trust me when I say I will never work with anyone else but Dawn when it comes to our real estate needs. And I will sing her praises from the rooftop.


Coldwell Banker should be so proud of the woman representing their company. She shines as bright as the sun and words can’t express how truly grateful we are to have been introduced to her. We are blessed to say the least. If she wasn’t so good at what she does, I’d try to steal her to come work for me.”


~Sonia Roselli Nick Lozaro


“Dawn Lanier represented us as my son and I purchased a condo in Austin. Dawn is awesome. She knows the market, the process, has relationships with every professional we might need and she is thorough! I came to Austin from Chicago to look at condos. We looked at 8 or 9 or so and did not find one that worked. I went off to Ireland and Dawn did ALL the work while I was gone - found it, sent us videos, negotiated, inspected, got estimates for work and the list goes on. We used DocuSign for everything from Ireland. We came home and then to Austin to close Jul 11 AND she walked us through the closing process. If there was ever a transaction that was driven and executed by just one person, this was it. Dawn is great and I will refer anyone I can to her. If you want to hear me go on and on about how great Dawn is, give me a call!”

~Rick Dowdle


“We wanted to purchase a UT condo for our daughter, Bella, and Dawn was referred to us by another very happy customer. She was absolutely amazing in every way and really made the buying process easy for us. She was also incredibly helpful with tips and advice on getting our daughter settled into UT as a freshman. Your firm has a real asset in Dawn and we are definitely very grateful.”


~Carey and Carrie Mendez



“We recently closed on our first home with the help of Dawn Lanier. This experience was one that we couldn’t have survived had it not been for her specifically. To say that the pressure of deciding to look for a home that we intend to raise a family in was overwhelming is at best an understatement.


We own several properties and I enjoy purchasing homes and living in them while we renovate, update and flip before then moving onto the next. But to sit down and have to think about a place, much less a home, which you are going to be in for the next 20 years was an all-new pressure for both my wife and I.


Dawn’s late nights and early morning emails made us feel like we always had the right information to make timely decisions. Her contacts for roofing, glass, and general contractors helped us gauge the true costs of home ownership of any of the properties we seriously considered (and there was a ton of them).


She was always available and always kind. She made this not only easy, but in a lot ways she made it fun. She is truly special.”


~Nick and Amie Youngblood



“I met Dawn Lanier a few years ago when she was holding Open House on my former street, Burney Drive, in NW Hills. I was impressed by her professionalism and understanding of the marketplace even then and had her keep in touch with me because I knew that I would be moving in the years ahead and already wanted her to sell my house.


I began to look at homes in Sun City in Georgetown and was appalled at the indifference of the “expert” Sun City agents I met. They seem to expect me to buy one of the first few houses they showed me. I was relieved when Dawn said that she’d be willing to help me. We decided that a new home would be best and met with their sales agent. She helped me first through the electrical schematics with the In Charge rep designing the lighting, speaker system, various electronics, then through the upgrade selections process and even was there when the designer I hired and the builder’s design staff walked me through the finish selections.


She suggested an inspector for the foundation just before the pour, the home just before the inside walls were closed and the final inspection upon completion. Since we were building a home, there were a few rough spots but Dawn was always there to take my side and say, “This is not acceptable.” I feel that I got a superior product because of her help. When the floor plug was put in the wrong place, when the wrong tile was put on the backsplash, when the wrong shutters were installed, she got it all fixed. Since I am a widow and doing this on my own, it felt great to have Dawn back me up in dealing with the builder.


In spite of the distance out here, she never failed to be here when I needed her including at the closing.


After getting moved, I had her assistance in getting my old house on the market at a price we both thought was set perfectly for the market. She referred the handyman who made the inside look better (i.e. repaired holes where in wall speakers and wires had been) and who painted my home. She had a yard man spruce up the outside. Then she had it staged. It went on the MLS on a Thursday morning and by Friday night I had a contract for $10,000 more than the asking price. Once again, her help through the contracting, closing, etc. was invaluable.


While waiting for my house to be built, my son decided to sell his townhome in Austin and move out to Leander. Although these were smaller houses than Dawn does in NW Hills, she gave him the same attention and time. His newly constructed home had a previous Buyer whose closings fell through twice, but my son already had secured financing and could close quickly, which she pointed out to the builder. The eager builder’s agent gave us the price and was showing us the house when Dawn researched the history of the house on her phone. She pointed out that it had listed for almost $20,000 less just a few months prior and was able to get that savings for my son. Then she helped him get his townhome ready to sell, which it did very quickly after he had the needed repairs done to make it more marketable and she had it staged.

I wholeheartedly recommend Dawn as a superior real estate agent and a genuinely good person.”

~Katherine Bailey


“Dawn Lanier is my realtor because she is not only an outstanding realtor, she also has talent in design, staging, renovating and getting a return on my investment—that I simply haven’t found in 35 years of working with realtors. To illustrate, in 2015, I put my home in Barton Creek on the market with an agent of one of the top luxury commercial real estate brokers. The realtor staged the house, priced it reasonably, and did all the usual steps to sell a home including staging, price reductions, etc. But homes in Barton Creek were tough to sell, even though luxurious, if they were not updated with the latest materials and designs. After no offers, I got bids for renovations that were typically $100,000 - $150,000–-with no guarantee that the home would sell. I invited Dawn in for advice and she shrewdly narrowed the renovation budget to what would offer the biggest bang for the buck.

But Dawn is not just a realtor. Even though we hired a designer and stager, it was Dawn’s colors and selections that made all the difference. First, color, the designer we hired suggested all the usual fashion greiges one found on all the designer blogs, but their test on my walls simply did not flatter the home in its abundant light. Dawn jumped in and came up with a color that worked beautifully that while not in the magazines, really made my house sparkle. That saved future designer fees and repainting.

Then Dawn and I interviewed stagers. We went with the top one—no time to waste on this second time in MLS. The furnishings arrived and they were very up-to-date and fit the house. However, when the staging crew left, I felt something still was not right. When Dawn entered, she quickly walked through the house and then saw what was not optimal. We discussed it and then moved the furniture ourselves! We actually moved furniture from room to room, she brought in some of her own accessories and we re-staged. It’s because Dawn is not looking just for pretty rooms, she is innately gifted with looking at the home through the prospect’s eyes and visualizing agents giving tours. It was the touring aspect that made all the difference! The stager was staging for a still shot and Dawn was staging for a live-action movie! The feel of a property is only experienced by moving through it with thousands of perspectives, not simply looking at a still shot from the doorway.

Secondly, I have an investment in lakefront property and a significant opportunity arose with a nearby property that would require a huge renovation. The listing agent had frankly priced the property too high, but I felt we had to make an offer because of my adjacent property. Lake property renovations are very complicated. Dawn worked with me to navigate the complexity of the inspections, septic issues, the investment scenarios and a fragile seller situation—an elderly woman who priced the house based on one of a friend’s that had already had $100K+ of updates, while hers had not. Dawn represented me beautifully, working to preserve my relationship with the elderly woman, while helping us get the price down about 20% to reflect the work required (and remember this is lake property), with the woman and her children feeling satisfied.

As I began the renovation, I used Dawn to “yea” or “nay” my largest selection investments (color, flooring, countertops, tile) and know that this helped me get a design and look that will be enjoyable but also worth my money should we sell or rent the property. Dawn Lanier has my highest recommendation for adapting and selling any high-end home—-just don’t take too much of her time, because I need her, too!”

~Becky and Raman Dewan


“We have known Dawn Lanier as a friend for many decades, but had never worked with her as a realtor until she recently assisted us in the sale of our home on Valburn Drive. We cannot say enough about her professionalism, her work ethic, how focused she was on servicing the listing and her attention to detail. We would recommend Dawn to anyone considering selling or buying a home in this highly competitive market.”

~Beth and Peyton Smith


“Dawn Lanier helped us with the sale of our home at 6407 Dry Cliff Cove. My husband and I decided to sell our home of 29 years and move out of state to Montana as part of our retirement plan. We had an unusual property in that we had over one acre of land in Northwest Hills. This was not your typical Northwest Hills lot and Dawn immediately grasped the uniqueness of this property. She was extremely professional and is an excellent communicator. She went above and beyond with ads in local newsletters, magazines, even a TV spot. We are very grateful for all her help. I highly recommend Dawn if you are looking for a realtor.”

~Annie and Trey Gillespie


“We were recently fortunate enough to have Dawn Lanier list a rental house we owned in Kyle, TX. We could not have asked for a better agent to sell our house! We were impressed with her timeliness and attention to detail in presenting offers to us. Dawn worked tirelessly until our house was sold, having to work through a few near misses.


After a buyer's bank appraisal came in lower than expected, Dawn quickly found the flaws in the appraisal as all of the of upgrades were not properly credited. When the inspector pointed out needed repairs, Dawn was quick to volunteer lining up her solid contractors to fix the issues. She went well above and beyond what I have could ever expect for a Seller's


She dealt with a very difficult Buyer's agent (to whom we sold), but did not expose us to all of the trials of her interactions with him. When asked for advice, Dawn's experience and knowledge shined. We always took her advice, and when looking back, it was always spot on. She advised us to take a cash offer over a returning buyer's loan offer. We took the cash offer later to discover the other buyer's offer had ongoing issues.

We would recommend Dawn to anyone who is looking to sell a home. When we are ready to sell our home in Austin, there is no doubt we will ask Dawn to be our listing agent.”

~Kevin and Peggy Schott


"My sister and I were very happy with the expertise we received from Dawn in selling our Mother's home on Burney Drive. I've worked with several different real estate agents during the course of buying and selling seven homes. Never have I worked with a more dedicated and professional agent than Dawn. She understands the Austin market and gave us thorough comparative information, which was especially helpful since neither of us lives in Austin. Her presentation of the property through staging and on MLS was outstanding. She was very helpful in all the details from suggesting vendors to doing the work herself. She's not afraid to get her hands dirty in order to achieve the desired result. Above all, her kindness and sensitivity to us concerning the loss of our Mother made it a pleasure to be in her good hands."

~Resa Piekos and Karen Leitch



“I cannot say enough good things about our experience in selling our house with Dawn Lanier. We had a very successful, high-end home sale with Dawn. We went under contract in less than one week on the market and we closed with that buyer at a price that was actually slightly above asking price!


The best thing we did was listen to Dawn when she told us what we needed to do to prep the house for sale - she is extremely experienced with a keen eye and can make very specific suggestions that make a huge difference in attracting buyers. We took her suggestions seriously and she helped us with finding fantastic workmen to get the job done through her vast network. It felt like a real partnership. We got the job done quickly and also used her contacts and guidance for staging and the sales process.


I also learned a lot from working with Dawn about what really excellent agents do in the contract and closing process. She is so smart and attends to details to ensure that a potential sale becomes an actual sale in a way that I’ve never seen before. I won’t give away her secret sauce, but it was amazing to watch her work and so comforting to know she had our back at every step. I know that Dawn is in high demand and stays busy with multiple projects, but I always felt like she was completely focused on our home and our needs during the entire process. We never felt neglected or pushed to second best and I’m sure all of her other clients feel the same way - a difficult feat to pull off and, really, it’s a testament to her excellent client service.


We were so thrilled to have found Dawn through a friend’s referral and of course we’ll be working with her at every opportunity in the future. In fact, she will be selling our beloved Park home for us as well!”

~Nikki Rowling and Christian Castle


"I met Dawn through my wife and hired her to list my parent's home in Northwest Hills. During the process of marketing and eventually receiving a contract on the home, Dawn was on top of things and always responsive. When there was a plumbing mishap in the home, Dawn actually took care of it herself avoiding the need to call a plumber! She did an excellent job and was a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her for all of your real estate needs."

~John Muhich



“We had the pleasure of working with Dawn Lanier and having her represent us. She assisted us with two high-end transactions this year and was simply fabulous. Dawn always assisted us in our search with a great attitude and was always eager to answer any questions we had with great knowledge. If she didn't know the answer, we knew we could rely on her researching and responding back quickly. After we purchased our property, plans changed on our end which allowed Dawn to represent us in the sale. Again, she went above and beyond for us, which we couldn't be more thankful for since we were doing everything from Chicago. I would highly recommend Dawn to any of our friends and/or family in the future. In fact, she is helping us to find another Austin property!”

~Elizabeth and Mark Diomede



“Dawn recently represented me in the sale of my home in The Courtyard on Scout Island, and she was always responsive, creative and knowledgeable. Dawn’s friendly and professional demeanor helped tremendously in negotiations and throughout the closing process. She is an incredibly hard worker and absolutely client centered. I would recommend Dawn to anyone in the process of buying or selling a home.”

~Audrey Gonzalez


“We cannot imagine a better real estate agent than Dawn Lanier. She’s incredibly knowledgeable of the whole process, a creative problem solver, patient and calm under fire, an astute negotiator and communicator, and an all-around fun person to be around! She did so many things to save us money and get us top dollar for our home from acting as decorator and contractor, doing excellent marketing and research, personally showing our house to explain its attributes, paying attention to all of the details including the time line during the transaction to make sure all deadlines were met, and working effectively behind the scenes to represent our interests with all of the parties involved. Dawn inspired confidence in us and took the brunt of the selling process off our shoulders while making us the most money. We're happy to write a testimonial about our recent experience with her in selling our loved, long-time home because she was fabulous!”

~Amelia and Chris Martin



“My husband, Ron Walther, and I were delighted with the assistance we recently received from Dawn Lanier while selling two properties for us in The Courtyard. For over four months, we had numerous interactions with Dawn and from the beginning, when she explained the service that she and her company would offer, throughout numerous showings, and finally to the negotiation of an offer, she was professional in every way and a pleasure to work with.


Not only did Dawn perform what we expected of her, but she exceeded our expectations by personally managing unexpected inquiries and home management tasks. For example, she quickly made contacts and followed up several times with the HOA. She also contacted experts regarding heritage tree removal and concerns about the existing HVAC systems. She made legal contacts when clarifications were needed. In addition, she managed the landscaping maintenance and cleaning services for our home--so important and helpful since we live out of state. Dawn always kept us fully and promptly informed. She was available whenever there was a need, regardless of the day or hour.


We want to applaud Dawn for her work with us, and we want you to know of her performance of a job more than well done--truly "above and beyond."

~Kit Ogburn and Ron Walther


“Dawn Lanier is an amazing realtor! You won't find anyone who will work harder and be more dedicated than Dawn. By following her helpful advice, the daunting task of selling and purchasing our homes was much more efficient and even pleasant with her at the helm. She spent countless hours with us during the selling/buying processes and always made us feel like we were very important to her. We no longer think of Dawn as our realtor, we think of her as our friend. We recommend her, without reservation, to anyone looking to sell or buy.”

~Jeanne Clint Tomlinson


"Dawn is very skilled and accomplished in residential real estate. Her strengths are many. The two that come to mind are her perseverance and ability to keep the ball rolling no matter what conflicts might be happening. She is a woman of “solutions” and is able to keep her head in difficult situations and bring harmony and peace. She is a woman of the highest integrity. Thanks to Dawn, I had a very successful closing."

~Linda Holmes


"I would like to take a moment to let you know how much I appreciate Dawn Lanier. We are probably not your typical buyers as we have dealt in real estate for many years. I come from a family of real estate agents and I held my license for some time. Over the years, I have worked with many agents. I assure you, Dawn is one of the best. She was our Realtor for our recent purchase for our next home. She absolutely went beyond our expectations as we worked through the process of determining what was best for us. Any questions we had were answered immediately and completely. She never hesitated to make sure we were absolutely comfortable with the decisions that were being made. She is a great negotiator and went to bat for us on a couple of issues that could have been stumbling blocks. But she made it work. I was impressed. I can, with great confidence, recommend Dawn to anyone looking to purchase property and I am sure she would also be an extremely effective listing agent. I have no doubt that we will be using Dawn again the next time we are ready to make another real estate investment."

~Lynette and Brian Harness


"We met Dawn at an Open House and connected with her immediately. Though we were very early in our search, Dawn stayed with us to make sure that our house hunting needs were being met. She provided us with valuable market research and insight to make sure we made the best decision on our new home purchase. Because of Dawn's persistence and savviness, we were able to get a contract on our new home before the house went on the market!

Dawn then helped us sell our beautiful home in The Courtyard due to a job transfer to London. She did a great job pricing and marketing the property, negotiating the contract and orchestrating a smooth December closing on our behalf. Because she grew up in Austin, she knows the area well. It was a pleasure working with Dawn. She worked hard for us and we highly recommend her for all of your real estate needs!"

~Jonetta and Mark Rice


“I was, and will be again, a client of Dawn Lanier’s. You should strongly consider her to be your representative during your home purchase, as I can assure you that you will not be disappointed. Not to sound cheesy, but if you’re looking for a realtor that will go above and beyond for you, through unknown doors and into construction sites (yep, she does that for you), leaving no stone unturned, you have found your woman!

Dawn represented me as I moved from Houston to Austin as a single woman. Dawn started the search with me by educating me on the areas of Austin that were of interest in my search. She really took the time to help me identify neighborhoods that were safe, within budget, fit my needs, and were a good investment. Once we identified the neighborhood that was perfect for me (which Dawn had called much earlier on) the real work began.

I found a house, we went through the whole process, and managed to get it under contract. During the inspection, there was limestone coming out of the faucets and a fresh leak in the ceiling. Dawn saw this and went to work. It ended up being a major issue where the city had to get involved. Poor Dawn spent countless hours working with the city, multiple plumbers, and the other party’s agent trying to determine what the issue was and the best resolution. Unfortunately, that deal fell through as I was not comfortable taking a risk with what could potentially be a very large plumbing issue.

It took some time to recover from the setback, but eventually Dawn and I thought we had found the perfect house. However, the house was not yet on the market. Dawn managed to locate the agent and talked him into persuading the owners to let us tour the home before they were prepared. They were so unprepared that they still had dishes in the sink and that mornings breakfast cookware still on the stove. However, we got in and put an offer on the house the next day. The owners never officially listed it.

The above examples are just a small sampling of the lengths Dawn went to to help me find my new home. In such a competitive market you need someone who is tenacious, does not like to be told no, and frankly gets stuff done. Dawn gets stuff done. I have seen her literally knock on neighbors doors to ask questions about neighborhoods, kindly approach tradesman to figure out what they’re working on in the area, and notice the smallest things that would never have even crossed my mind but would have ended up being a big deal. She is meticulous, persistent, and passionate about what she does.

For all the reasons above, you will not be mistaken if you hire Dawn. But more important than all of that, she is an incredible person who is a straight shooter, calls it like she sees it, and is a ton of fun. You will not only walk away as a happy client but you will gain a great friend along the way. Truly, her clients are her clients for life for a reason and that’s because she really is the best.”

~Tara Shaikh


"As a lender, I hear horror stories day in and day out of seller issues with contract negotiations gone wrong, buyers and sellers not coming to terms on repairs, and the dreaded issue of homes not appraising. I can gladly say that I did not experience any of those issues. I credit my transaction going so smooth all to Dawn! From the get go I could tell that I was in good hands by her aggressiveness and knowledge of the market. From start to finish, I was hands off and I feel that is how a real estate transaction should be when you are represented by an agent. This was my 3rdhome to list on the market and it was hands down my best experience. I have many referral partners I could use, but I wouldn’t think twice about using Dawn for my real estate needs from here on out. She is amazing!"

~Jody Arp, Branch Manager, Service First Mortgage


"Dear Dawn, Thank you so much for helping us sell our property on Arbor Glen Way. During the entire process, your professionalism shined! We really appreciate all the guidance and help you provided us. If you ever need a reference, just let me know."

~Merry Ann Southwell


"Dawn Lanier exceeded all of our expectations during our relocation to Austin. She was instrumental in locating a property that met all our needs. Her customer service was beyond outstanding; proactive and insightful at every step. She was honest, sincere and always delivered what she promised. She truly loves her job and it shows in the level of service she provides! We chose to use Dawn to help us find a house in Austin, but what we really got was a trusted advisor who was immensely helpful in so many areas...including schools, youth sports programs, tradesmen, restaurants, movers, etc. We couldn't have gotten through this move without her and we're happy to now call her a friend!"

~Joe and Aimee Estes


"Dawn perfectly, yet effortlessly, handles everything. She is the type of person who is always three steps ahead, thinking of details that need to be taken care of, and making sure they aren’t forgotten. We used her to buy a house in the Crestview area when we were still half a country away. When my husband and I flew into town for some house hunting, she made sure her schedule was wide open and available to us. She was patient, she offered good insights on neighborhoods and houses without passing judgement, and she was (most importantly) always extremely prompt and thorough with all communication with us. I can't stress enough how amazing she is. She is professional, charming, and a damn good communicator. They say you're known by the company you keep...all of the people she has recommended (mortgage lender, HVAC, plumber) have all been likewise just stellar in their jobs and how they interact with us. I've recommended her to everyone we know. I'll think you'll love her too."

~Heather and Luke Bowman


“Dawn represented us in the purchase of our first home. Since we are new to Austin, we had no knowledge about the real estate market here, but Dawn guided us through the whole process very smoothly and we are very satisfied with our new home. Dawn is very responsible, professional and familiar with the market. Our calls were always answered quickly. While viewing a home for sale, she always pointed out the flaws of the property that we did not notice. When we decided to pursue a property, she always responded quickly, helped us with a suitable offer and provided valuable suggestions. After we were under contract, she was even more helpful. She helped us negotiate a contribution from the Sellers towards our closing costs. She has introduced us to a lot of contractors during our property improvement and maintenance. Dawn is very patient and nice. We will surely recommend Dawn to anyone who needs a real estate consultant.”

~Hegong Wei and Lulin Quan


“They say that buying a home is one of the major decisions of life and like any other major decision, you need a true friend to not only support you, but also to tell you when you are not doing it right. In Dawn, we clearly found a friend who just did not want to sell us "a house", but wanted to make sure we get one that we can call "home". She did not take us through a large pool of houses for viewing over many weeks. Rather, she spent time to understand our preferences, did all the research and presented us with a very limited set to choose from. We loved the second house we viewed and, from there, she helped us at every step to make sure that we could win it. We not only benefited from her experience and knowledge about the market and the process, we also found her to be very resourceful. And most importantly, she continued to follow up even after we moved in to make sure that we did not need any help with anything related to the home. Dawn turned a difficult process into a pleasure trip. I will recommend her on any day to be your home buying "buddy".

~Subrata Majumder


"We met Dawn more than two years ago. She was introduced to us by our friend who had just purchased his home with her help. Our family connected right away with her. Being first-time home buyers, we had absolutely no idea of what we were looking for, nor what to look for. Meeting Dawn was very fortunate, as, over the period of time, we learned immensely in terms of what we actually wanted to see in our house. Each time she showed us a house, Dawn would let us make our observations and then we'd have a brief meeting to tally our findings against hers. Dawn would often point out things that we missed, offering her perspective based on her enormous experience. It would be very satisfying when our observations matched hers. It was also reassuring when Dawn would advise against buying a particular home presenting us with reasoning that had escaped our untrained eye and mind. When we did like a place, Dawn would educate us on how to make the offer having explained a strategy that she would have thought of, based on a variety of considerations particular to the home, the seller's conditions and prevailing market factors, etc. We would alter our search criteria often and Dawn would happily accommodate all kinds of conditions we came up with and change the search parameters. She would also have suggestions to help guide the search. Our family's needs were such that it made the process long and our choice of neighborhoods and the fluctuating market conditions made things worse! We finally decided to build a home. Dawn's expertise really came in handy here. Dawn was actively involved from the very beginning and enthusiastically offered to participate at every stage. She was with us at the most crucial meetings, taking notes, clarifying the content of documents and most importantly, noting where the terrain did not agree with the map. Her eye for detail is impressive and she has a photographic memory. She meticulously correlates between what has been stated and what actually exists in reality. She also diligently followed up all throughout with frequent visits to the construction site and she coordinated with the various folks on the builder's side posting updates on progress as she observed it. Dawn was there when we needed advice and ready to offer us inputs of any sort. She was very understanding and respectful of our decisions all through out. We are thankful that our association with Dawn and all that we learned as a result of interacting with her through this long period led us to constructing our dream home. We are so much wiser and could not have been happier! We wish Dawn every success in her career and life. May she bring joy to many many more families as she helps them find their home!"

~Arati and Anmol Paralkar


“Dawn Lanier is kind, gracious, meticulous, and a class act. She works professionally, ethically, efficiently, and puts her clients' interests first. She is always eager to learn to ensure her clients have the best representation possible. As a Real Estate Attorney, I encounter countless realtors, and Dawn Lanier is exceptional and graceful.”

~Maggie Morgan


"Thank you, Dawn, for helping us purchase our home. We loved it! Now we get to thank you again for helping us sell the same house one year later. You simply are the very best at what you do. Your value in both transactions was PRICELESS. Life events force changes and when our lives changed we were more than blessed to have you to turn to. We are forever grateful for all that you do!"

~Shari and Brian Binion


"Dawn stuck with us through our entire crazy journey: seeking out condos around Austin, then building a home in the Mueller Division, and handling all of the details that went into building a home. When that unfortunately fell through, she found us the house that we now call home. She was with us through the canceling of our Mueller contract, which she had already sat through and explained to us all of the paperwork, arranged for numerous inspections, walkthroughs, and then did it all again when we found a house to buy. She never once batted an eye at all of our mind changing and requests to see more houses, even when I am sure she knew that we wouldn't like them. From the moment Dawn took us on as clients, she was incredibly prompt and courteous, sending us multiple listings from which to look over and then report back to her with our preferred house choices. She went on countless excursions to see each of the condos/houses we requested, never giving unsolicited advise always letting us come to our own conclusions, and only informing us of what would indicate good resale values and whether the schools in the area were desirable. She was immediate with her responses to us, even working on her vacations and during family birthdays. She was tough, thorough, well spoken, even tempered and incredibly professional. I never felt nervous about any of the decisions we were making because I knew that Dawn had our best interests at heart and wouldn't let us make any mistakes. When we finally found the house that we wanted, she represented us in a bidding battle with another couple who wanted the same house. Which of course we won, because Dawn is the best! We needed to move in immediately and she patiently handled numerous negotiations, documents and revisions that were necessary to get the homeowners out 3 months early. She explained everything that we were signing and made sure we were aware of every single detail that was changed in the revisions. From start to finish, Dawn was a consummate professional and continually wowed us with her prowess and sheer ability to do her job, and also quite frankly, to make sure that others were doing their job. If and when we buy another house, it will absolutely be with Dawn. Any of our friends who are house hunting will hear nothing but a recommendation for her. Dawn was a joy to work with and she made what could have been a very difficult and frustrating experience an absolute joy."

~Whitney and Jorge Chavez


"Dawn Lanier was a godsend to me during the months I struggled with the possibility of losing my home on Bluffridge Circle in the aftermath of an unexpected divorce. Dawn went above and beyond any reasonable call of duty before my house went on the market and, when it came time to sell, she performed miracles and worked harder than she ought to have in my absence, because I left the state after listing the house. At the time Dawn and I met, I was a wreck. Dawn came to my house in Westover Hills, and helped me, with kindness and patience beyond belief, understand the reports from the home inspection and appraiser. In fact, she knew to refer me to get a Broker’s Opinion of Value, which was something my own very experienced Family Lawyer had not advised me to do (or even knew was a service available). The broker said to me, “I hope you keep the house for as long as you need it…. but no longer than you need it. And when you sell it, I hope you engage Dawn Lanier as your Realtor - she is something special!” He was right. Dawn kept in touch with me, providing me with the kind of nurturing friendship and support one could only receive from a truly caring soul. She never pressured me to sell that house. She was at once an ultimate professional and a sisterly friend. About a year later, I had Dawn come over for lunch. She walked through the house, ran comps, and told me when would be the ideal time to sell and what I could reasonably expect to gain. I moved out after listing with Dawn. I thought I’d prepared the house well but I’m afraid there was much to do, from painting the interior and staging the house to cleaning up some unfinished administrative tasks and cleaning that my “helpers” had not done. In truth, she served as a general contractor! Dawn kept me informed at every step of the way, but kindly spared me the less pleasant details she took on herself, even going so far as to send her house keeper to clean up after the painting was finished. The house sold for exactly what she predicted it would, on exactly the time frame she had predicted. She made no promises, but her projections were accurate as they could be. I KNOW the sale wasn’t “smooth,” but she allowed me to feel no pain as I was dealing with stress while I was across the country, missing my home and family, wondering if I’d done the right thing. She even dealt with my crazy nosy neighbors, always gracious and ever the professional. I am grateful to her beyond belief and would recommend her to anyone. She is detail oriented, highly ethical, fiercely protective of her client’s needs, and as warm and nurturing as a mother’s hug. I am now living elsewhere and seeking a home. I only wish I could fly her here so she could be the person to represent me in the search!"

~Lisa Chernow


"I wanted to take this opportunity to praise Dawn Lanier on her sales and customer service performance.We decided in November 2014 to sell our home of 19 years so that we could relocate to Williamson County. We met with Dawn on 11/14/14 – and discussed preparing our home for sale, looking for a new home (all in the midst of holidays and deer season - important in our house!). She provided tips to get the house ready, kept up with our progress on repairs to the home, moving, packing and all the details involved. She held an open house on January 24th and by the 26th, we had 3 firm offers. During this time, she also placed us on an automatic search through MLS. We moved into our new home 2/5/15. Throughout our time together (either in person, text or email), she got a sense of what we were looking for, but didn’t steer us in one direction based on her likes. We appreciated that. We were fortunate to find just the right home in a matter of weeks and completed the sale without a hitch. As far as selling our own home, it did not go as smoothly. The buyers made certain demands, were not reasonable in all of them, went outside of the option period and decided to restructure their loan on the day of close (among a litany of issues by them). During this whole process, Dawn kept us informed of the changes, allowed me to vent – however, she was the consummate professional. She would never say a bad word against anyone (if she thought it, she did not let on). Not only do we sing Dawn’s praises to anyone we know, it is important for Dawn’s leadership to know not only how well she does her job, but how passionate she is for it. We were kept up to date on a daily, almost minute by minute basis. There was never a question that went unanswered. We always felt like she gave us 150% of her time, and I know she has other clients. We appreciate everything that Dawn did for us in closing a chapter of our lives and opening another. If this testimonial needs to be printed on your website – please do. The more people who are looking for buying or selling hear about Dawn, the better!"

~Kerry and Tommy Arp


“Dawn, I want to take a moment (after closing and before the champagne cork pops) to thank you for the pleasant, professional, and virtually seamless way you've handled the sale of our property. From the moment you showed up at my door with your friendly, can-do attitude, I've felt like this sale was going to go smoothly -- and I was right. I've had endless questions, often potentially repetitive and basically naive, but you've answered each one promptly, courteously, and honestly. I've felt very proud to have you represent me and my business partner to our buyers. The absolute cherry on the cake of it all occurred this afternoon, when you assured me that all utilities had been transferred from our name to that of the buyer -- it's chilly in Austin this afternoon and I'd hate to think the people living in a property I've managed for many years would have to suffer any discomfort while gas and electric were shuffled back and forth and possibly stopped and re-started. Because the buyers are from Dallas and unfamiliar with Austin, you made sure the new owners understood how the City of Austin utilities work and we all appreciate it. For this and all the other small and considerate things you've done to hasten this sale, you have my hearty thanks. Please do not hesitate to list my name among your very satisfied customers.”

~Pat Daniels Stilwell, ASID, Managing Partner Pink Lady Properties


"Dawn is a fantastic realtor! My wife and I relocated to Austin very quickly after a job-change for my wife. Dawn was very accommodating from dealing with our rushed housing schedule (only one day to look at houses), to overseeing repairs after home inspection, to making sure everything was done correctly and with our full knowledge and involvement in the entire process, despite being located out of state during these events. She made our quick move into a great experience instead of a stressful nightmare like it very well could have been. We can’t say enough good things about her attitude and competence. If you're looking for a wonderful realtor in Austin - Dawn is the one!"

~Meredith Brett Walker


“We want to thank you, Dawn, for recently helping us on the sale of our home. You were very professional, highly organized and efficient. You always kept us informed and went over all documents with us. We will definitely recommend you to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. Thank you!”

~The Ashers


"Dear Dawn, Tom and I are so happy with our new home. Your dedication to us over the past year has been remarkable. From finding us a great temporary place to live to helping us purchase the perfect place for our family to settle, you have been a true partner in this process. Tom and I have been so impressed by your professionalism. From your impeccable appearance to your very learned advice, everything about you is top notch. It has been an absolute pleasure for us both to work with you. Thank you again for your help. You have been a delight to work with and we look forward to knowing you in the future."

~Dara and Tom Jordan


"Where should I start? We are so thankful to have found Dawn! At the beginning of our search, I have to admit that my wife and I were not very optimistic about having to deal with another realtor to find a home here in the Austin area after both of us having not so good experiences with the sale of both of our other homes. Once we made the decision to start looking for a home and speaking with a couple of realtors in regards to taking a look at some properties, we were inundated with requests for contracts and commissions for what really amounted to not much help at all. Then my wife made a phone call about taking a look at a house that Dawn had on the market, and she told me a little bit about the conversation they had. Even though the conversation didn't last very long, my wife said that she just had a feeling about Dawn when they were talking and we both agreed to work with her once we found a couple of homes to look at. I have to say that we were both blown away by Dawn's knowledge of the area and keen sense of home values for the present as well as the future. The time she spent with us was truly special. She made both of us feel as though we were her most important clients and she took the time to explain all the "little things" that most realtors probably wouldn't. That could not be easy in this day and age of "instant gratification." Dawn had an intelligent answer for all our questions and the pride and professionalism she showed really speaks volumes about her character. We very much appreciated the time she took to meet us all those times at the house to check on the progress, helping us to point out all the little things that needed attention to the builder, and standing up for us when something needed to be done with the builders. We truly don't know what we would have done without Dawn. She made our home buying experience one to remember...in a GOOD way! My wife and I not only gained a great realtor in this process, we have also gained a true friend. We cannot thank her enough for all that she has done for us. From the bottom of our hearts, we are grateful for Dawn."

~Shari and Brian Binion


"Dawn Lanier is delightful to work with and well informed. She has an incredible memory and her attention to detail is exceptional. Over my married life, I have moved a lot being the wife of an IBM executive, and I can truly say Dawn represents her client like no other agent with whom I have ever worked. She brought in a stager who did an amazing job. When you think you have your home staged well, there is something to be said about having "outside eyes" suggest to you what to do. As the owner, we are partial to certain things that may not be appropriate for others. Dawn actually stayed and helped the stager and me to complete moving furniture and finalize the suggestions. Additionally, Dawn hired a professional photographer to photograph my home for the listing and then posted it on every available real estate website. The photographer was prompt and was in and out with no problems. Dawn held an open house the third day my property was on the market. That was the last day I had my home open because offers were actually made and delivered that day. She had a backup offer written up, but it was not needed. The sale was completed without any glitches. She priced my home right, so not to have it out of range for the neighborhood. We had multiple offers in the first three days which brought bidding to the table. Most of the bids were over the asking price. She is also working with me on purchasing a home being built in Sun City. I cannot recommend Dawn enough and suggest anyone with real estate needs use her to complete the transaction. She is there for you every step of the way. Feel free to call me for any questions you may have about Dawn. She has my phone number.”

~Nancy Watson


“I first had the pleasure of meeting Dawn in the Spring of 2014, while looking for a home in Austin for our family’s upcoming relocation.We were very fortunate that she was referred to us through the real estate company in which my husband’s company chose to partner with for their corporate relocation. In my first meeting with Dawn, flying in from Minneapolis with my sister and having just 2 ½ days to see as many homes as I could, Dawn gave me her undivided attention, her most diligent efforts, and showed me her true passion and desire for what she does and for whom she works. For 2 straight days we looked at one home after the other, after the other. It was not until the very last hours, before I had to catch my flight back to Minneapolis, that our perfect home was found. Through the entire process, Dawn showed her professionalism, her resounding knowledge of real estate and the Austin market, her high level of integrity, her leadership skills, and her negotiation skills. Most importantly, Dawn guided my husband and me through the entire process, via long distance communication. She went above and beyond in every manner possible, and made us feel comfortable with every step. The amount of time and attention she gave to us made us feel as though we were her only client and that she was truly watching out for our family. Beyond her incredible skills as a realtor, Dawn is a very genuine and trustworthy person. We would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a home, and are looking forward to working with her for any of our future real estate needs!”

~Heather and Matt Swiggum


“Dawn Lanier was a consummate professional! She made an amazing-looking flyer and had it out quickly. I got a contract in 2 days, so we didn't have a need for an open house. When I was emotional, she had a knack at calming me down and keeping everything in control. The real estate agent for the buyer and the buyer were not pleasant, but Dawn helped me keep things in perspective and explained what was happening when it was something I didn't like. She was always very prompt with communication and extremely professional. She was firm when it was needed. I would not hesitate at all to recommend her. We used a Coldwell Banker agent for my previous home and was very unsatisfied with their performance and ultimately went with another company. If I had known who Dawn was with, I might not have even used her....but it worked out great and changed my opinion of Coldwell Banker.”

~Angela Hobby


“We could not have been happier with Dawn. We met her at the open house of a property we immediately fell in love with, even though we weren't seriously looking and our house wasn't even on the market. She helped us put together a great bid that ultimately was successful and then helped us get our house on the market and sold, which it did in four hours.”

~Daniel and Molly O'Neil


"Dawn is more than a real estate agent, she is a consultant. She knows the Austin area like no other. Easy since she grew up here. How has Dawn helped me? Let me count the ways. I'm up to five! She leased one of my properties. She sold three. She helped us buy one. Dawn is the best that Austin has to offer. I was very pleased to use Dawn Lanier and Coldwell Banker to lease one of my rental properties. The situation was unique in that I had renters in my property while it was being shown. Because the marketing of the property generated so much activity, the showings became a nuisance to the renters. Dawn came up with a creative solution that enabled the home to be shown while meeting the needs of the current residents. It would seem that would be enough for this happy story, but it is not. The person interested in leasing my property had a different income stream than customary and was employed part time, which I found troublesome as a landlord. During the negotiations, Dawn was able to obtain a full year's payment up front. I can't think of a better resolution. I am at peace and the home is leased."

~Debbie Sanders


"There are plenty of reasons not to mix real estate and friendship. However, Dawn is a person of outstanding character and her efforts at protecting my interests as a Seller and a Buyer exceeded all my expectations. Although I assume she would do that for any client, I felt that there was a little more skin in the game because we are good friends. I wanted to use someone I know and trust and who knows me, what I like, my kids, etc., to assist me in selling my central Austin home and then purchase my Northwest Hills home. Selling and buying a home is a very personal thing and you want someone who cares if you’re happy or anxious or stressed out. Dawn was very sensitive to all those emotions. I just don’t think you get that with someone who is more arms-length. I really wanted someone I care about to make the commission on the deal – who wouldn’t want to help a friend if they could? And, she 100% EARNED it!"

~Tina Amberboy


"Dawn did an outstanding job in helping to close the sale of my condo. The Buyer caused numerous problems when he changed lenders shortly before my designated closing date. Dawn kept the faith when I was ready to walk away from the deal. I appreciated her persistence!"

~Cynthia Stevenson


"As a first-time buyer looking for resale homes, I chose Dawn as my real estate agent. She was extremely professional and also very patient as I looked through all the available homes in my price range. I ended up visiting builders and finding a new home that I liked and considered handling the purchase on my own. I decided instead to retain her and in retrospect that was the best decision I made. First off, there's a ton of paperwork to sign. Having someone with experience being able to act as a second of set of eyes was helpful and reassuring. The second big thing that Dawn helped with was design choices. Because the builders give you limited time to make these choices, it would have been impossible for me to do this all on my own. Dawn made the effort to attend as many of my design sessions as she could. She remained sensitive to the fact that I wasn't looking to spend an extravagant amount of money on design choices, but at the same time wanted to consider the resale value of my home. Dawn helped me realize which choices would be difficult or costly to do later down the line after I had purchased the home, which really put my mind at ease with regards to the choices. She also pointed out features she felt I would really appreciate having in my home, things I would never think about as a new home buyer. Dawn made herself available to attend many of the builder meetings and helped me keep track of the agreements, which was imperative. I also greatly appreciated how quickly she would respond to me be it by phone, text or emails. I had a lot of questions throughout the process, and really value people that respond promptly regardless of whether they have an immediate answer. When I was busy at work, Dawn would often take the lead and follow up with the builder or resolve issues without me even asking. She would always keep me up-to-date, it was invaluable to me to know someone was taking care of all these things while I was working. Dawn also spent a fair amount of time "behind the scenes" negotiating on my behalf. She didn’t want to be recognized for it, it was just her way of getting the best deal for her client. She went well beyond my expectations of what a real estate agent does. She even visited the house during the building process and worked with the contractors to adjust small things that would add more appeal to my home. Dawn attended my walkthrough and was especially helpful in spotting things I probably never would have noticed on my own. It was also comforting to have her at closing to explain the paperwork. Dawn has also been a great resource for things such as furniture stores, pest control, home inspections, mortgage lenders and generally anything home-related. Even after closing, Dawn continues to answer my emails and texts, and offers me suggestions when I ask for them. I consider myself extremely lucky that I found Dawn. My co-workers and friends are often surprised that my realtor went so above and beyond for me. My home is a constant reminder of how great Dawn is. Her expert touches show in my home and her help alleviated so much stress for me. It goes without saying that I have and will continue to recommend Dawn to anyone I know that is looking to buy or sell a home in Austin."

~Andrew Chao