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Dawn Lanier


Dawn Bohls Lanier, a lifelong Austin resident, is intimately familiar with the city and its surrounding communities.  Upon graduation from Baylor University, her career began in real estate lending. She then worked for two prominent real estate investors and developers.  Dawn managed their transactions as well as the staff plus she leased and managed the office building they owned and occupied.  

Next, she was employed by the largest State of Texas landlord, John Byram.  At Byram Properties, Dawn wore many hats and was the Legal Coordinator.  There were numerous office building, apartment complex and land deals that occurred during her tenure.  She utilizes this extensive experience with various real estate transactions to guide her clients through the sale and purchase processes knowing that each deal is different. 

You will find Dawn's knowledge and skills in walking you through the transaction to be extremely helpful.  Her grasp of the myriad of paperwork involved, her astute negotiating skills coupled with her ability to remain patient and calm under pressure, plus her willingness to go "above and beyond" for her clients will prove to be true assets. 

Real estate is a relationship-based business. Dawn's performance and client satisfaction based on trust and confidence continue to earn her numerous referrals and a consistent place in the Million Dollar a Month Club year after year.  When you are ready, Dawn looks forward to putting her network base, strategic knowledge, creative problem solving and people skills to work for you.  


  • Proven Results Year After Year: Consistent Multi-Million Dollar Top Producer
  • Member of International President's Elite Circle - Top 2% of all Coldwell Banker Agents Worldwide
  • Platinum Top 50 Winner
  • Achieved Million Dollar Month Club 11 of 12 months in 2019 for production well over $1 million per month
  • Selected for Agent Advisory Circle by Broker

Helpful Information...

Number 1: Get pre-approved for a loan.  Most Realtors would suggest that you only get pre-qualified for a loan, but there is an important distinction. Getting pre-qualified for a loan doesn’t mean that the bank promises to give it to you while a pre-approval does.  Keep in mind that most transactions for purchase of a home that fail do so because the buyer can’t ensure a loan on time. During a pre-approval, a good loan officer will be able to address problems concerning credit or debt issues and solve them long before they would have an effect on closing.  Also, a pre-approval letter is a very powerful negotiating tool. Sellers may be willing to sell at a discount to someone they know can get a loan rather than risk a full-price offer with someone who may not be able to close.

Number 2: Don’t call the Realtor on the sign in front of the house.  The listing Realtor, the one with the sign in the front yard, has been hired by the homeowner and represents her/him in selling the property. They have a fiduciary relationship with the seller and, legally, are obligated to get the highest price from you with the fewest concessions.  However what you want, as a buyer, is the lowest possible price with the most concessions.  Once you have a house you would like to see, let me know so I can show you inside and start securing your negotiating position for the terms and price you want.

Number 3: Ask yourself, "If I find the home that perfectly matches what I am looking for today, am I willing to write an offer?"  Buying a home is a big financial decision, and it is completely understandable for you to be hesitant to pull the trigger. The problem is that I've seen many buyers lose the opportunity to buy the house of their dreams because they want to “think about it.”  I understand because I am sometimes hesitant to act. However, I know how to write effective contracts so that if you discover that you have changed your mind or learn that this is not a good decision you can walk away with very little money out of your pocket.

Number 4: Get new listings sent to your email.  With so many homes on the market, it is highly unlikely you will find the home of your dreams simply by driving around a neighborhood. For starters, you are going to waste a lot of time looking at houses that don’t even come close to your standards and, while you are looking, someone else could be buying the exact property you are seeking.  With the automated listings, every day you will receive information on all of the latest houses that have come on the market that specifically match what you are looking for. You will receive a detailed description of the property as well as its address.  With this information, you can focus on the features and price you want.

Number 5: Contact me!  Since the commission will be paid by the seller, there is absolutely no reason you shouldn’t get professional advice on buying your next home. My goal is to help you obtain the house of your dreams at the best possible price and terms for you. You will receive professional representation from me and I know how to make a transaction run smoothly. You can be assured that you will be represented by a realtor who is professional, experienced, and above all committed to your best interests.

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